Knocking door-to-door on behalf of a candidate running for elected office is one of the most effective ways to increase voter turnout in favor of your candidate. 

If you’ve never participated in Canvassing before, no worries!  Once you arrive at the designated location, you and the other volunteers will be given detailed instructions on which doors to knock on and what to say when someone answers.  You will be given campaign literature to leave behind and details about where the candidate stands on certain issues. 

After a day of canvassing you will be energized and excited about playing an active role in our democracy - and you’ll be ready to sign up for more!

Below are canvassing opportunities Indivisible MoCo members are helping to organize and will be participating in:   

  • Saturday afternoon, September 23rd

For more information please email:

Join in the fun, and make a difference.  Family and friends are welcome to join in too!

Indivisible MoCo partners with J Walkers and Do the Most Good for our Phone Banking.  

If the dates listed above do not work for you, click here (be sure to scroll down to Phone Banking and Canvassing opportunities), to view additional date options.

Note: Since Virginia has elections in November of 2017, upcoming Phone Bank efforts will be in support of VA Democratic candidates.  Helping out with Virginia elections benefits us in several ways:  

  • there are several "flippable" districts in Northern Virginia that can turned blue with a shift of only a few hundred votes in favor of the Democratic candidate.   
  • In many instances our region (MD, VA & DC) shares common transportation systems, waterways, and regional authorities so helping elect Democratic candidates throughout the region has a very direct impact on Maryland.    
  • Finally, working on behalf of Virginia candidates gives us direct, real-life, useful experience as we prepare for Maryland elections in the fall of 2018.

Watch this short and concise video on Why VA Matters!

For details on canvassing, how to go about it, and what it's like, click here.   Also, some great canvassing tips here!  Hitchhiker's Guide to Persuasion Canvassing