A monthly report highlighting Governor Hogan events and activities, discussions about the Governor Hogan's record, and relevant information about the 2018 Maryland Governor race.

September 2017

Hogan ratchets up the stakes in the September Hogan Watch – advocating for a ton of transportation infrastructure projects (metro DC area included!), taking stands against Trump policies, and retaining his over 60% popularity rating. In the meantime, two newish Democratic candidates officially declare themselves for the race. Read more at

August 2017

Hogan picks up the pace in the August Hogan Watch, hitting two major political networking events in Maryland, removing the Taney statue from State House grounds post-Charlottesville, announcing several new environmental initiatives, and finally closing on a Purple Line deal with the federal government. And the number of Democratic challengers rises, with Krishanti Vignarajah’s entrance to the race causing controversy, and both political parties focusing on new strategies to win the office in 2018.  Read the August Hogan Watch.


July 2017

Hogan hasn't been all that busy this July, but papers keep reporting how popular he is, the Maryland Democratic Party starts attacking his economic record, and Democratic challengers keep lining up to run against him in 2018. Three new challengers declared themselves in July, and two more said they are exploring the option. Read the July Hogan Watch.


June 2017

I'm debuting the new monthly Governor Hogan Watch as an adjunct to the MoCo Monitoring Report. In May, Hogan signed a plethora of bills and angered Democrats by vetoing the sick leave and gerrymandering reforms bills. In the meantime, several Democratic candidates, including Ben Jealous, threw their hats into the 2018 governor race. Read the June Hogan Watch