Town Hall Forum: Great Turnout! Huge Success!

A huge shout-out to the many volunteers that made last night’s sold-out Town Hall event such a success!

Many of you may not be aware that the Town Hall event was conceived very recently, during an impromptu meeting on February 12, 2017.  Over the next two weeks the newly formed Maryland Coalition (a small group of grassroots community organizations), came together to plan, organize and execute the event.  The number of volunteers, who stepped up and committed serious time and effort to the cause, is truly amazing. 

Indivisible MoCo (I/MoCo) had several key volunteers helping out in a number of ways:

Meg Edson was the key liaison between I/MoCo volunteers and the overall Town Hall leadership team. 

Tim Chambers played a central role on the Town Hall Social Media team, helping set direction and maximize media coverage.

Alan Sislen pulled together a crack team of photographers to document the evening’s events (photos coming soon to your favorite Indivisible MoCo website!)

There were many other I/MoCo members (I/MoCo had one of the larger volunteer turnouts – good job to all that pitched in, you make us proud!)  that gave generously of their time and talent.  Here are the ones I know of:

Sean Oberle,  Holly Seltzer,  Bama Athreya,  Jj Biel-Goebel,  Kate Monzo,  Kerstyn Bryce, Ann Lui,  Patricia Lake,  Melissa Clark,  Kent Mason,  Sarah Salomon,  & Roy Sewall. 

PLEASE – it you were part of the effort and you are not listed above, let us know.  We are so very grateful for everyone’s efforts and we want to acknowledge all who took part. 

We are making plans for another Town Hall event during the April recess, so I hope everyone that helped with last night’s event is “Fired up, Ready to go” again!  And that many others will decide it’s time to take on a more active role and join the ranks of the volunteers.  We need your help, plus it's a lot of fun! 

We will have volunteer signup sheets at our next I/MoCo meeting on March 14, 2017, or send us an email and we will add you to the list of volunteers to contact when needs arise. (

For some of the media coverage of the event look here: