It is time to take our action to protect the healthcare of millions into the highest gear possible:

  • Republicans are about to try ramming through a new health care bill (Trumpcare) that will hurt the country
  • If your members of Congress are Democrats, you might expect them to vote against this bill, which likely will not be sufficient to stop it.
  • We need to turn several Republican members of Congress against this bill. We only have likely weeks to make this bill as toxic politically as it already is in human cost.
  • The most effective thing you can do is to contact people you know in Republican districts to get them to contact their members of Congress. 
  • And we have two easy and automated easy ways to do this.
  • One: we have our social tool for finding friends in key "TrumpCare 10" states on Facebook.  Use this to find and share with your FB friends in these key states and ask them to call their Senators.
  • Two: We have a web based system - known as hubdialer - available to us that will let you call TrumpCare opponents in key Republican states, explain what you are about, and then automatically connect them to their members of Congress directly.

    This is joint effort being managed by us as well as by Indivisible Harvard Medical (HMI), and by SEIU and a coalition of other progressive organizations.

If you want to take part, or just to learn more, you'll want to provide your email at this link:

You'll get information back within a few days on how and where to take part.  You'll also get sample scripts of how the call with health care supporters will go.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our coordinator for this campaign: Tim Chambers.