INDIVISIBLE MoCo is a group of concerned citizens living in Montgomery County, MD, and nearby, who believe in fairness, tolerance and inclusion.

Our aim is to protect these values, our neighbors, and ourselves from unjust and unfair federal and state policies. We work to hold our elected officials accountable to resist harmful effects of the Trump administration.

Methods of resistance include:

  • Pressuring member of Congress, by calling, emailing, texting, visiting in-person, or attending Town Halls
  • Raising awareness of harmful Trump Administration actions and policies
  • Sharing information and focusing efforts so our members can act in concert
  • Coordinating with other like-minded groups
  • Providing useful information and relevant training to help accomplish these goals.
  • Active support in helping elect candidates the Federal, State, and local levels that support these goals

We are inspired by The Indivisible Guide.

“The Tea Party’s ideas were wrong, and their often racist rhetoric and physical threats were unacceptable. But they understood how to wield political power and made two critical strategic decisions. First, they organized locally, focusing on their own members of Congress. Second, they played defense, sticking together to aggressively resist anything with President Obama’s support. With this playbook, they rattled our elected officials, targeting Democrats and Republicans alike.

If anything, this model has greater potential now than it did for the Tea Party in 2009. Unlike President Obama, President-elect Trump has no mandate, a slim congressional majority and a slew of brewing scandals. Our incoming president is a weak president, and he can be beat.

But this fight won’t be won by politicos in Washington, D.C. It will be won by groups in Fort Collins, Colo., Hershey, Pa., Houston and Atlanta who were organizing for justice long before a handful of former congressional staffers wrote some guide. It will be won by groups in Tucson, Madison, Wis., and St. Louis who started organizing resistance in just the last few weeks. It will be won by you, and it starts today.”
— Ezra Levin, Leah Greenberg and Angel Padilla are co-authors of “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.”